Longarm Services & Pricing
A few important guidelines that will help everything go very smoothly!



I’m pleased that you might consider allowing me to add even more beauty to your quilt top. I have a few important guidelines that will help everything go very smoothly for us both.

  1. Please allow an extra 5-6" on all 4 sides, whether you use wide back fabric or piece your backing. Example: a quilt top that measures 65” x 80” requires a backing that is 75” x 90”.
  2. Cut the selvages on your backing fabric before you start cutting and piecing it together. If you don’t, I will have to, and there’s a charge for that! Selvages cause puckers if you try to sew over them.
  3. Piecing your back so that the seams run parallel to the top of the quilt allows for much smoother quilting, far less chance of puckers on the back.
  4. If you prefer, I will piece your backing for you at the hourly rate of $20/hr.
  5. BORDERS! It’s really important to measure and sew your borders correctly. If they are not fitted properly, you will most likely be unhappy with the results. Wavy borders end up with pleats and puckers. To do this correctly, you can check out this fine tutorial: Quilts by Jen The method described in this tutorial has to be repeated for each border you add.
  6. Trim threads. If your top is pieced with light colors next to dark colors, dark threads will show on the finished product if not trimmed. So sad!
  7. You can provide your own batting, but not cheap polyester. I sell batting, as well. I offer only Quilters Dream batting. I have wool, cotton, polyester (which is really, really nice polyester!), and 80/20. The cotton is available in low loft and medium loft. All of Quilters Dream batting is lovely, and sews up great. The prices change due to shipping. I will give you a quote when we talk.
  8. I will add your binding (all of it, or just to the top), if you like. See below for pricing.
  9. There is a $5 fee for thread on almost all quilts. If it’s really small, that fee is omitted. If I receive more than one of your quilts at a time, the fee is omitted after the 1st quilt.
  10. Tax is added at the end.

Quilting prices are based on square inches and type of surface design. To determine the square inches of your quilt, multiply length x width. To determine the cost of the job, multiply square inches by the rates below.

Example: If your quilt is 45x60, and you would like Budget Friendly:

45 x 60 = 2700
2700 x .025 = $67.50

Minimum for projects less than 2000 sq inches is $50.

Budget Friendly $.025
Edge to edge stipple/meander

Semi-Custom $.03 - $.035
• At least 2 custom designs in different areas of the quilt.
• Groovy board designs are $.03
• Stitch in the ditch without additional design is $.03

Custom Quilting $.04 - $.05
At least 3 of the following: stitch in the ditch, 2 or more designs, sashing design, echo quilting, modern quilting, microquilting, a composition of a variety of complementary designs throughout the quilt.

Intense Custom Quilting! $20/hour
Includes all of the above, along with extensive microquilting and/or crosshatching and/or tight meandering/pebblework, and/or negative space quilting.

Some clients wish for me to cut & piece the binding, and put on completely, or partially, or not at all! It falls under the hourly rate of $20. We can talk about that when I receive your quilt.

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