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A look at my creations and news for 2024!

I've just posted my finished quilts for 2024, and there are 21!  Did I really make 21 quilts in the past 4.5 weeks? No, not really.  Many of them were started toward the end of 2023, but they were all finished since January 1....quilting, binding, sleeves, and labels. All of the fabric faces were 90% completed in the fall during the 8 weeks I was in Massachusettes, taking care of my mom until she passed.  They were something I could create without a sewing machine - until the final steps. I made 12 of them, and hung them all over the living room to keep me company during a sad and lonely stretch. My mom hated them. She called them ''your ugly ladies''.  I had to laugh. 

These are just two of them.  This entire technique was taught to me at a week long class with Jean Impey & Freddy Moran.  Like all of Jean's faces, these each have fictional bios - a few sentences - to give them a bit of life and joy.  It's not all fiction.  Zoey, for instance, starts out her day by putting hydrocortisone on her toothbrush, and her day gets worse from there.  I did that.  It was gross. 







When I created To New Journeys, I wanted to incorporate some techniques I learned from Vicky Conley.  She was featured on The Quilt Show not too long ago. Her sky, and her applique.  I also wanted to throw some curved flying geese in there.  I didn't set out to focus around my mom.  It happened insiduously.  I was drawn to an element of mystery, and gave it the name To New Journeys.




My first Dream Big Panel is behind me.  I love the Ivory one. I have another request for this color next on my que.





I squeezed in a little 12 x 12.  The Taos Community Arts had a call recently for any and all 12 x 12 pieces of art.  The inspiration for the quilt was a photo by @tylerstreetphotography (IG)

IMG 9268 2

My interpretation....




The last mention is a small series of improv quilts. I chose 7 colors and used all 7 in each piece.  I used Procreate to sketch and color various options.  I chose 4, but had 9 to choose from before it was all over!  I might come back to them down the road. No question these are some of my favorite colors. Each one is about 14 x 19.




The rest of my finishes can be seen here, in the gallery.  Thanks for checking in!


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