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A look back at my creations and news for 2023!

Attempting a self portrait has been on the list for a while. I thought it wouldn't be very hard.  I took a selfie, and had it blown up in black & white to something like 17 x 20 inches...approxiamately.  Trace, it, cut and fuse the shapes.  Not very hard.


Below is the evolution of the final product. Every photo has something different about it, some edit. (Reminds me of the activities in the High Five magazines for kids!) The end result can only be called a caricature at best. 

 IMG 7804

IMG 7806 

 IMG 7807

IMG 7809

IMG 7814

IMG 7816

IMG 7818

IMG 7829

IMG 7830

IMG 7833

IMG 7931

 IMG 7942

And that's the story of the self portrait. Thanks for checking in!

Counting the days until I hug these girls and have 2 weeks of Grammie Camp! (20)




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