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A look back at my creations and news for 2023!

Things are looking a lot brighter on my new website!  The old one had become so labor intensive, and user unfriendly that I searched for a new webmaster, and he has tortured himself by transferring every blog and every photo since 2012!!  Yikes. And now it is so much easier for the reader AND for me.  And beautiful! Bright, bright, bright!

So I've been behind on capturing my work.  Now, the 2023 Gallery is caught up except for one yet to be photographed quilt finish. Dipping my toes into the political foray...losing followers along the way.  

I really enjoyed the challenge of the Mobius Radial quilt pattern by cottonandbourbon. I wanted to add an eye in the first one, but felt that wasnt' fair to the quilt.  I got over it after the second quilt.

Mobius Radius



My intent with this next one was to make a small lonestar with some strips I had hanging around.  I put the left half together, and while looking at what I still had left to do, I was intrigued by the placement of extra parts on the wall.  I decided to leave piece them in those positions.  It took a lot of improv piecing to get them that way, but I like the result.



I call this one 'What is Happening??'

This one below was very fun to do.  Stephen Kilborn is a local artist, a potter and a painter.  Gorgeous stuff.  I have a cupboard of his plates, but I really love looking at this particular painting.

IMG 5778

I asked him if I could create a fabric rendition, and he kindly granted me permission.  Mine is quite small, about 15" x 12".  I enjoyed doing this muy mucho.

IMG 5779

 IMG 5780 

IMG 5788 

IMG 5789

IMG 5791

IMG 5796


I do love fused applique!

I've been working hard keeping up with customer quilts and my quilts and quilts to sell at the gallery and just for fun quilts. This week, it's off to see the the little rascals.  No quilts.

IMG 5765

 Take a look around the new site! Thanks for checking in~


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