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A look back at my creations and news for 2022!

Creating a post takes a lot of time. I’ve been wondering what my purpose is. It used to be, so I thought, to keep a journal of my work. For who? For me, I guess. But I rarely look at old posts. For customers? I doubt many people choose me to be their longarmer or quilt maker based on my posts. For my family? Grandkids? Well, I like that idea enough. I’ve been googling a lot of the quilters I admire. I haven’t come across one yet that actually writes about their process. Mostly, it’s filled with lovely patterns, and brilliant tutorials, quilts for sale, and lots of inspiring photos. I’m reminded of the time way back, when I used to believe I was a good Sunday school teacher to the youth at our church. Until the youth minister told me I wasn’t. I used to think people might be curious about my creative process. Maybe that’s just not a thing.

So I’m still thinking about if and how to continue. Maybe I’ll just stick to my gallery and longarm designs. But for now, I’m just going to do what I do! Which recently means making great quilts for the upcoming Taos Studio Tour, Labor Day Weekend.

My quilt, A View of Silence has its’ place of majesty, in the form of a banner, right in front of the police station. 66 works of Taos art are transformed into banners and beautify our downtown area. Such a great honor!



I’ve taken to remaking some of my favorite patterns. This raven by b.j.designs is one of them.


spike3 e1655921960602

spike2 e1655922024155

spike1 e1655922041808

Spike e1655922056185


This piece was inspired by the work of Nancy Crow.




Another favorite is the Dream Big Panel from Hoffman fabrics. I’ve done the turquoise, the sage green, and now the fuchsia. They’re so cool to work on. Great skill builders!

IMG 2755 2

 IMG 2760 2

IMG 2785

Shades of Fuchsia

Shades of Fuchsia full

This 5 yr old graduates from preschool tomorrow (yea, they do that) and heads to kindergarten in the fall.

IMG 6922

Ruby Lou

And this peanut is just gonna keep saving lives at the beach.

IMG 7253

Millie Rose

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