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A look back at my creations and news for 2022!

I recently went to a retreat in Carpenteria, CA, hosted by Jean Impey and Freddy Moran. We made lots and lots and lots of Fabulous Faces! I've only been able to quilt 4 of them since returning cuz I'm so backed up with customer quilts. But what a great retreat. So many people making wildly creative faces by just cutting and glueing. I have to admit, I really don't like the glue technique. I prefer Misty Fuse every time.

What makes these faces exceptionally cool are the 'stories' that go with them. We were encouraged to use our imagination, OR…maybe fall back on real life experiences.

These are my ladies: (and their stories)


Every Saturday night, Simone travels to the next town over to enjoy jazz musicians who play until midnight. They're so talented, the music fills her soul. If she could find a good tutor, she'd start learning to play the sax in a heartbeat!


Bree has a bee in her bonnet. She just discovered that her dream of becoming a flight attendant will never come true. All because she adorned her neck with a cute tattoo. It's 2020, for Pete's sake. There ought to be a law…..


Some people take time out for yoga to relax. Others go to the spa. Or maybe listen to some music. Adell finds her zen by hanging clean laundry on the line, in the fresh air and sunshine. The smell is intoxicating!



It's just fun and without rules. These will be in my Etsy shop soon, but feel free to contact me if you I haven't put them in there yet - it'll be a week for sure!

I may be in the sewing studio, but this is where my heart is!

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