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A look back at my creations and news for 2021!

Since it’s been so long since I updated this, I reviewed my last post. I just want to repeat the first sentence of that post, again: Thank you, Georgia.

I’ve been very busy doing customer quilts, (which can be seen here) it’s hard to get to my own stuff sometimes. Quilters have had lots of time to make quilt tops this year! Nonetheless, I have added a bunch of small art quilts to my repetoire. I’ve been taking an 8 week, online class with Katie Pasquini Masopust; one assignment every 2 weeks. They’re hard. I skipped one when I realized I was about to cry with frustration. Three more to go. Definitely learning a few tricks. Here are the 1st 4:

IMG 2806 e1613749090924

IMG 2967

IMG 3031

IMG 3475

These are still painful to look at. That 1st one is now a dog bed.

Moving on….

Another class I took online was with Susan Carlson. This, I loved. Other than the longarm business at the end, there is no sewing. It’s all glue appliqué. It starts with drawing on a piece of white cotton:

IMG 3309

The swirl is filled in with hundreds of small fussy cut pieces of whatever color you choose. Once it’s filled in, you do the same with the background with a different color.

 IMG 3313

IMG 3311

IMG 3315

After the quilting is done, even the binding is glued on. SO much fun.

 DSC04593 e1615925084472

DSC04594 e1615925068579

I can’t wait to do another one. You can draw anything and fill in. Her work is spectacular.

 DSC04592 e1615925101823

 DSC04596 e1615919808615

 The last one I’ll write about is called Tangerine Dream. It has a long story.

Plan A: make a bunch of 3″ squares using strips of scraps. (say that 5 times). And then play with them. This was my original plan:

 IMG 2819

Somewhere along the way, I started to fall out of love with this layout, and put the squares on point:

8429D55F C08E 4988 98D6 132C8D2CFDB4 

This I liked. Once the diamond was complete, I had to come up with a plan for the 4 corners. Which required designing a paper piece pattern. This took forever. A math genius could have done it in an hour. I spent most of a day pretending to be a graphic designer.

 IMG 2675

But it worked!! I auditioned a couple colors for those spaces: (went with left)

FBE1767E D275 4445 9093 7CF32A389270 1

Added the red ‘spokes’. That was good, but a bit too uninteresting. So I added tangerine half circles:

IMG 2984 1

IMG 2985

IMG 2986

IMG 2987

(I just really like watching the process….)

Better, but still lacking something. So I added yellow bias appliqué.

IMG 2994

 IMG 3010 2

I felt that was enough. I did experiment with some playful eyes….but decided that was a bit goofy.

 IMG 3002

Last steps: quilt it and bind it. I draw my quilting options on clear plexiglass.

 IMG 3342

Add the magic…


 DSC04589 e1615925122537

 DSC04587 e1615924492543

 DSC04590 e1615925145271

 DSC04586 e1615920074948

I went with a facing, instead of a binding. Very happy with that choice. And best of all, the BACK. An out of print, delicious design by my friend, Terri Mangat. It’s ok to be jealous.


IMG 3550

That is IT! Obviously, I’m a bit enamored with Tangerine Dream. It’s my design, and I love it. (Unlike the beginnings of this post.)

Well, if you stuck with me to the end on this one, I’ll send you a dollar. The trick is to post more often. However, if anyone tells you it’s quick and easy to post on your blog, they’re lying.

I’ll be fully vaccinated in 6 days. Shortly after that, I’m off to see these two lovelies again. I can’t wait to inhale them.

IMG 4090

Untitled Artwork

IMG 3236

Thanks for checking in,


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