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A look back at my creations and news for 2021!

It may not be a great day to get back to posting, since the best title I can come up with is ‘July 2020’. Pretty sad!

I’ve got lots of irons in the fire! But I’ve completed several smaller projects during the spring. I’m working on 2 lap size quilts, and I’ve got a king size already finished (but only in my head).

The Taos Artist Organization is having their annual Studio Tour over Labor Day Weekend. Thirty four artists welcome visitors into their studio for 3 days. I like to hang my quilts outside in the yard, as well as in the studio. It’s very festive! Seems they never get to stay up until 5PM, though. The wind reliably gets crazy mid afternoon, and down they all come. I set up a practice quilt on my longarm and invite people to play around. It’s pretty fun!

My recent finishes include several wallhangings. This one is the result of an online class with Luke Haynes.


It’s a method similar to reverse appliqué, sort of…I think. You get to use an exacto knife, so that’s pretty cool.

 Darla4 e1626789435476



It’s tough to do an elephant justice!

I also completed my 3rd raven, using the pattern by bjdesigns. I enjoy making these, and people love ravens!

IMG 4796 

IMG 4801

IMG 4803

IMG 4800

IMG 4804

The batik background is, admittedly, a cheater fabric. But I can’t resist, and I certainly can’t make something better!

I can’t recall why I decided to try a blue dragonfly. But something must have caught my eye. I made two fairly similar ones, so I could try different quilting designs on the longarm.

IMG 5223

IMG 5226

Hard to choose a fave!

I made a brief return to my comfort zone of simple strip piecing in this pretty piece.

IMG 4868

You can tell that my little cluster of aspen trees is my new photo op spot.

I’ve been inspired by the work of Allie McCathren, aka exhaustedoctopus on Instagram. She has a series of Seaglass Quilts. Using different color schemes, I came up with these.

IMG 3958

IMG 4883

DSC04713 e1626790341984

Great use of scraps~

Lastly, just a quick look at an ‘old’ quilt (not that old), in a new place. I designed this quilt before I thought about where I could hang it. Since it really didn’t look good on any walls in my house, and only fit in one place anyway, I decided to paint my bedroom so I could hang it there.

IMG 4292

Do I love how it turned out? Yes. Will I ever paint a huge room with a 12′ ceiling and huge vigas that require intensely tedious work, holding a tiny paint brush, over my head, for hours? No.

If you visit Taos, be sure to check out Las Comadres Gallery. It’s a co-op owned by 9 local women, all Taos residents. Of which, I proudly am one. Their work is very diverse and amazing!!

These are my biggest distractions, by far!

IMG 3849 1 e1626792874848

IMG 4557 2 e1626792949161

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for checking in!


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