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A look back at my creations and news for 2021!

I just have to say….Thank you, Georgia.

Time to catch up on things going on in JQ studio over the past few months! I guess being too busy to keep my website up to date isn’t a bad thing. Being a member of the Las Comadres Gallery, a woman run co-op here in Taos, has made me put more focus on smaller projects. It’s been fun, and always a challenge.

This one didn’t last long in the gallery. I’ll definitely be making another one soon.


This is a special quilt for little Ruby Lou. I’ve had these blocks for years. I’ve had to wait until I was sure she could identify who they all are! And she sure can. ( and yes, I have another set for Millie Rose as she comes of age!)




This is an improv art quilt, one which I chose to attempt in order to master sewing these small curves into something pleasing. I didn’t master anything, but it is more pleasing than unpleasing. Those overlapping curves are hard.



That fly on Mike Sycophant Pence’s head during the debate with Kamala was the inspiration for these gifts:

 IMG 1651

I’ve never done a quilt with all low volume, neutral colors. So….I made one! It’s called Cape Cod.

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This is a memorial baby quilt. Meaning, it was made for a baby using her Grandpa’s jeans. It was very simple yet sweet.

 IMG 1658

If this piece reminds you of a calm and peaceful afternoon at the beach, I’ll send you 10 bucks.

IMG 2318 e1608234296167

These rice bags! I’m not sure what a rice bag is, but that’s what they’re called. The pattern can be found here. I made one, loved it, so true to form – made 10 more. I can’t help it. They were all Christmas gifts.

 IMG 2194

And then there were a few other little treats for Ruby. I like to bring her something each time I visit.

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Aardvark pattern by Funky Friends Factory.

IMG 5658

Always with the one glove…picking up treasures. Simple drawstring bag.

IMG 0911

Fish pattern by Svetlana Sotak

The last thing I’ll share for 2020 is this quilt storage rack. I saw it in a video talk that Joe Cunningham did. I emailed him for some specs, and Rick & I (mostly Rick) put it together.

IMG 2147

IMG 2149

IMG 2150

It can store 24 quilts. And it rolls around on casters. It’s a game changer when it comes to storing these things.

At all times, I am grateful to have a hobby I love and a beautiful space to do it in. But even more so in a pandemic. 30 quilts, 12 other projects – a good year. Especially great after being able to be with Hannah and Adam and Ruby and Millie for Christmas. We all tested negative prior to Rick & I (and the dogs) driving 930 miles straight through. SO worth it.

 IMG 2495

 IMG 2514

Sincere wishes for a good year for all! Thanks for checking in.


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