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A look back at my creations and news for 2020!

First, a little fun block I made for a local COVID 19 quilt happening here in Taos.


This was so enjoyable, I fully intend to make another one.

Moving on….I made a couple sheer window panels using Ruby Red Oakshott Cottons. These are hand stitched using a Korean art called Pojagi. No raw edges on the seams.

Pojagi 3 e1593204023897

Pojagi 2 e1593204068629

Doesn’t look like much until you get some beautiful backlighting in the picture:

pojagi 1 e1593204100352

So sheer, and so elegant. I wish I had a place for them in my house! These are available in my Etsy shop, link on the menu bar.

And, I finally got the binding on my selvage quilt. This was sooo enjoyable to make. After years of saving selvages, it was fun to pull them out, read them, and recall the fabrics and how they were used. I had to have some kind of order to work from, so I grouped them into similar color groups.

 DSC04362 e1593206579173

 Selvages need some kind of foundation. Muslin and dryer sheets are what I’ve seen most often used. Even fine paper – but I did NOT want to rip all that paper out after sewing. I decided to try a water soluble stabilizer:

 DSC04360 e1593206612972

This worked so very well. I cut squares of the stabilizer and topstitched the selvages onto each square. Once I had all the squares I wanted, I sewed those together as well. THEN I soaked the top in a tub of water. The stabilizer dissolved in ten seconds. I dried the top flat on the ground and that was it! I was able to avoid the weight and bulk of the added muslin.

 DSC04386 e1593206455997

I will say that most of my selvages were too narrow. I’ve learned to give myself at least 1/2″ above the wording when cutting them.

 DSC04389 e1593206339824

 DSC04387 e1593206410851

 DSC04383 e1593206553888

I could show you ALL 30 blocks, but I’ll be nice.

 DSC04385 e1593206516672

 IMG 5378

 DSC04388 e1593206371928

Front and back:

 DSC04382 e1593204397167

DSC04391 e1593206122573

DSC04390 e1593206154191

When I was done, most of the good selvages were gone, but not all. So I went on a little zip crush..

 IMG 5377

 IMG 5386

IMG 9833 e1593207764172

Back to the longarm. Thanks for checking in!


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