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A look back at my creations and news for 2019!

The downside to being on the studio tour is that I don’t get to see anyone else’s work, except my neighbor, who is a fabulous potter. Labor Day Weekend is when annual event occurs, with about 35 artists opening up their homes to strangers and throwing themselves out there. It’s a pretty vulnerable feeling. People select studios from all over town that they want to visit. I am the only quilter on the tour, so the odds are in my favor that if they are coming up the driveway, someone in that car likes quilts.

IMG 2354 1

It’s very hot, usually. For Taos, anyway. The sun bears down on my precious quilts…I worry about that. And then the wind whips up, as usual, around 2:30-3:00, so all the quilts have to come down. And it ALWAYS rains at least one afternoon. (two, this year). You’ve never seen 15 quilts come down so fast….clothespins flying.

IMG 2370

The first morning, it takes Rick & I about an hour and a half to get them all up. Much less time the next 2 mornings as we know where everything is going.

Some of these were repeats from last year. I certainly don’t make enough quilts each year to provide all new ones. But I love seeing my old quilts.

IMG 2371

DSC03687 1 e1568320922118

Look at Zoomer there…so sweet. This will be his last studio tour, I’m afraid.

DSC03688 1

I did finally sell ol’ Georgia, The Giraffe. I’m always happy when a quilt is in a good place and not rolled up on my spare couch.

DSC03691 1

IMG 2378

DSC03689 1

IMG 2374 1

On to the inside…This year, I sold way more quilts than little purses. Opposite of last year.

 IMG 2368 1

IMG 2367 e1568317379731

Although both these wall hangings were for sale, neither sold. I’m sort of glad. I can always make another one, but I really like these – not quite ready to let them go.

IMG 2365 1

This was day 2. Everything that was on the wall for day 1 sold before I even took pictures!

IMG 2297

This was definitely NOT for sale. My handpieced gem. Can’t imagine letting that one go.

 DSC03690 1 e1568321671290

However, this DID sell and I am SO happy. It’s a great quilt, but I made it for the challenge, and didn’t really want to hang onto it. YEY!

So, although it’s a lot of work, it’s nice to be a part of the art community for a weekend. This week, I am in Paducah, Kentucky at the AQS quilt show. I’ve put all the photos I took into my Flickr account. I didn’t photograph every quilt, just the ones I really liked, or (parts of) ones that had some element of quilting that I’d like to try. I was lucky to get 3 quilts in the show. Pretty wild. You can view them by clicking here.

We also visited North Carolina last weekend for a wedding. It was so fun, but I miss these people…….so much…..

 IMG 2410

 IMG 2426 e1568321173890

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