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A look back at my creations and news for 2018!

Terrie Hancock Mangat is, well, … now that I think about it, hard to describe. For one, she is a fabric designer.  As have many others, I love her fabrics.  They’re crazy wild.  When it comes to embellishing fabrics, she is a leader in the quilt world. She is a spectacular artist when it comes to fabrics and fibers and textures and paints. She is also a resident of Taos, and a guild member here. I have accumulated quite a stash of her stuff, much of it in the form of large scraps. I finally got them all out and with no plan, as usual, started putting them together in a way that hopefully would have some sense of cohesiveness in the end.  I don’t usually post photos of the processes I go through, but I will here.

20170719 091713 e1515452742823

That busy fabric behind the diamond shapes…it’s now part of the backing. Didn’t work on the front. I like busy, but that was too much.

IMG 1237 e1515452720805

I made the little circles using the piece-lique technique, solids and Alison Glass fabrics. AG fabrics also in the middle column. The large diamonds were made to provide a focal point for the many clever designs in Terrie’s Rio Grande fabric. (Hence the quilt name.)

IMG 1240 e1515452703251

Then I thought I’d hone my wedge skills. Ay-yi-yi. They still need work. Each wedge has strips ranging from 1/4″ to 1.25″. It was nuts. Then I made a template to go around the wedges. Lots of wasted fabric figuring that out.

IMG 1256 e1515452665522

Still not pieced together for the most part, I tried that stuff on the outer edges. I was trying to use up left over pieces from a previous quilt. They did not work AT ALL. 86 all the hours spent making those. At this point, I moved the columns with the piece-lique out to the sides.

IMG 0300

Things started coming together once I did that. Those round template things, though…ugh. I suspect I will try to avoid those in the future.

The rest of these photos are just close ups. Enjoy!

 IMG 0292

IMG 0293

Here come the EIGHT diamonds, fair warning.

IMG 0301

IMG 0302

IMG 0303

IMG 0304

IMG 0305

IMG 0306

IMG 0307

IMG 0308

The top border…

IMG 0321

IMG 0320

IMG 0318


The Bridge over the Rio Grande:

IMG 0309

The wedges….

IMG 0333

IMG 0334

IMG 0332

And my attempt at creative camouflage….I accidentally tore fabric while moving my longarm hopping foot – not once, not twice, but three times. So that was a depressing 24 hours. It was impossible to hide these flaws so I decided to accentuate them with hot pink embroidery thread.

IMG 0329

IMG 0328

and just for fun…

IMG 0326

This quilt, along with 11 other of my quilts, and a bunch done by two other local quilters are currently hanging in the Trading Post Italian Restaurant (now there’s a contradiction in terms) until May, 2018. Stop in if you come to the high desert!


Thanks for the look!


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