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A look back at my creations and news for 2017!

Sometimes, when I am working at the quilt shop here in Taos, but not actually working because it’s a really slow day, I read the quilt books we have for sale. This is always expensive. I see something that I have to make because the world can’t live without it. That’s how this quilt came about.

 DSC 0004 e1492124598267

It called for 24 different fabrics. For once, I was able to accomplish this without buying any new fabric. I have seen these types of quilts many times, and tried to figure them out – how did she do that? I never could work it out. Turns out, if you just read a pattern, it’s pretty darn easy. And fun. Each ‘charm’ is 2″, finished. You can’t really know how it’ll look until you get the first few rows started, and then it’s just…WOW! I’d like to make at least one more of these now that I know how it works.

 20170415 163149 e1493060985766

I made this for my friend, Lynn. As luck would have it, she likes it. It ended up louder and more ‘in your face’ than I had expected. I like that type of quilt, but not every one does.

 20170415 163107 e1493061026894

I purchased a new design board to quilt this with. No sense doing anything fancy with the longarm. You’d never see it with all that color.

 back e1493060130391

Oh yeah, the back is pretty wild, too. I forgot to mention that.

 20170415 163203 e1493060954816

So, this will hang in our guild’s show over Memorial Day, then it’s off to Raleigh, NC!

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