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A look back at my creations and news for 2017!

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In 2013, I partook in a couple postage stamp swaps organized by Mary Wilbourn, the Curious Quilter. I ended up with hundreds and hundreds of the things. I did nothing with them until last October, when I needed a project for a retreat with our guild. I put 4 columns together that weekend, thinking it would be a pretty throw.

 4 columns e1492123651717

But I had soooo many squares left, and I could see it as a beautiful queen or king quilt. More traditional than I usually do, but I could see how cool it would look. So it grew to about 80 x 90.

 IMG 3017 e1492021792729

IMG 3016 e1492021810598

IMG 3015 e1492021832393

IMG 2950 e1492021855277

IMG 2930 e1492021872384

So it’s all done, and I still have a couple hundred squares. This one took 1320 different 2″ squares.
I must be having a thing for squares because the next one I came up with also uses 2 inch squares. It’s a version of Trip Around the World quilt. The pattern is in the book Tradition With A Twist.

 DSC 0004 e1492124598267 1

This is about 80 x 90 as well. It was fun to see it come together. When I pull 25 fabrics, I can only hope for the best. I used a design board to quilt it as it was so busy, nothing detailed would ever show. It can be seen on the back …

 IMG 3055 e1492128173534

And lastly, although this was the first finish this year. A quilt for the first grand baby due in May!

 IMG 20170122 192430 e1486086992915

It has black minky on the back. I wrote up the pattern for this. If you like cutting lots of black and white pieces and putting them back together again, I’ve got a pattern for you!

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