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A look back at my creations and news for 2015!

I put off making a feathered star for well over a year. I tried (and failed) to find the perfect paper piece pattern. I finally accepted the fact that I’d have to do without that, and taught myself to make these stars using one of Marsha McCloskey’s genius books. If I may pass on what I consider to be the most important hint: 1/4″ seam means 1/4″ seam, and not one thread more or less. Anything else, you’re screwed.
This is my effort to get a good photo for a show entry. It never worked out, despite half a day of trying.

 IMG 0730

So then I moved the show outdoors. It was a perfectly cloudy day. I can’t say that it made my photo any more classy. But at least there are no shadows. It’s just hard to do a 107″ square quilt justice.

 DSC 0001 e1450136328976

The quilting was fun, save for the 6 hours of ripping stitches out of the stars cuz the bobbin was psycho and I didn’t know it. Netflix is my friend.

 IMG 20151109 121046

IMG 0728

IMG 0723

IMG 0721

IMG 0719

Our guild will be hanging quilts in Old Martina’s Hall in Taos soon. This will be there.

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