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The 4 week construction project that turned into 3 months is finally complete, except for the sink.  But the room is warm, functional and I’m back at work.  It’s so cool I can hardly stand it. I keep thinking that anyone who has a room like this just for quilting and sewing oughtta be damn good at it.  So I better school myself in a hurry.  Thank you Eric, our good friend, and exceptionally talented graphic designer, for designing our room.  

It’s 14′ x 33′ x 9′.

IMG 0121

There was drama with the floor. Apparently, the contractor and myself THOUGHT we understood each other, but it was quickly apparent to me that we did not.  It’s a cement floor.  I wanted it stained, but with darker smears throughout.  That was probably the problem…the word ‘smears’.  I was going for a far more blended look, whereas he obviously imagined streaks.  I had a 48 hour pity party over it, and went to Home Depot to purchase floating vinyl planks to cover it.  Which is no simple task.  HD is 80 miles away. I unloaded (23) 50# boxes of planks.  Over the next 4 days, as the workers were in there with some tools and stuff building the shelves, I began to think the floor wouldn’t be impossible to live with. (Can you imagine the very idea of not being happy in here???)  I made peace with the floor, loaded the (23) 50# boxes back into the car, and drove 80 miles, one way, again, to HD to return them.  Idiot.

IMG 0122

I had the table (above) built to accommodate the 3′ x 6′ cutting mat.  This is waaaaayyyy too cool to describe.  I love love love it.

IMG 0144

IMG 0151

This should be an Ikea ad.  The tables are Ingo tables from Ikea. The straight stitch Juki on the right is dropped down into the table.  My husband and I built it according to the instructions here if you’re interested. Then we have 2 of the Raskog carts, also from Ikea.

You don’t see the streaks on the floor, do you?

IMG 0130

I thought I had enough fabric to fill 4 of these shelves.  I guess I’m glad I don’t because I filled them up with other stuff.

IMG 0152

IMG 0132

Then we have the center of attention.  Man, did I miss this thing.  It took a day and a half to put it together.  There were two crucial steps that required another person, and until Rick gets here, it’s just me.  But as I was getting a crown, my dentist asked me how my day was. I whined about not being able to move on with this project till someone helped me tip a 12′ table up from its’ side to standing.  Two hours later, he stopped by and we did it!  Gotta love a small town! My quilting friend, Ron, helped with the other difficult step. 

IMG 0153

IMG 0142

This counter top will have a sink, with a hot water heater under the counter.  Not sure when they’ll get to that, but I can quilt without a sink. I’m talented like that.

IMG 0155

And that big blank wall on the left…that’s my design wall, as soon as I move my junk out of the way, and figure out exactly how I want to construct it. I’m leaning toward just hanging a king size flannel sheet.

IMG 0154

IMG 0135

My view….sigh.  I don’t want to offend anyone, but that tree’s days are numbered.  He’s blocking my view.

IMG 0138

My first quilting job in the new digs.  I’m already wishing I hadn’t chosen something that is 80% ruler work.  My stamina isn’t up to it.  Didn’t think that one all the way through….

The outside still needs painting, so those shots will have to wait.  Thanks for checking in! 


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