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A look back at my creations and news for 2015!

I’m loving my studio.

IMG 0022

It’s so awesome that I feel a bit embarrassed when people come to see it. I’m just so fortunate to have this space to work in, set in such a beautiful environment here in Taos.  I’ve had time to work on my longarm skills.   And my longarm – it has been behaving so perfectly I can hardly believe it. Could it, too, know how lucky it is, and be willing to cooperate now?  

This week I had my first customer quilt in my new space, which was pretty exciting for me.  That is, after all, what I long to do most.

IMG 0012

IMG 0011

IMG 0008

I did do one other before this one, for a customer in Arlington.  Sweet lady who waited 4 months for my space to be finished.

IMG 0164

IMG 0162

IMG 0159

Some practice work….utilizing what I gleaned at QuiltCon in Krista Withers’ class.

IMG 0006

IMG 0001

IMG 0014

IMG 0013

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