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A look back at my creations and news for 2014!

So much has been going on in the past couple months. As of October 1, Rick retired from his job at the SBA after 42 years.  September was his swan song month, filled with cake everywhere he went, and lots of lovely accolades from his many business relationships. Here he is, receiving an award from the head honcho of the SBA in DC. They make a cute couple, don’t they?


It was a whirlwind month of sorting through 27 years of living in one house, what do we need vs what do we wish we had room to keep. Downsizing is a painful purging process. Wrapping my head around letting go was a matter of being at peace with the fact that ‘that painting’ is lovely; I have enjoyed every minute of looking at it; It has served me very well, and now it is time to let it bring joy to someone else.

I finished up 5 quilts on the long arm, then broke it down and packed it up. If a new longarm is in your future – SAVE THE BOXES. I was so glad to have them. Taking apart your machine is a great way to become one with your machine.

smaller Longarm in a Box

I wound up all my jobs….Home Health Therapist, LA Fitness Instructor, part time PT at my old job …loaded my entire sewing room into my Prius, along with one of the dogs, and drove to Taos to be there when construction of my new studio (Quiltudio) begins. Turns out things got delayed a week, and digging starts tomorrow. For now, all I have are two backhoes and a port-a-potty (peeking behind the backhoes).

Back hoes

I love looking at this space…imagining what it will look like in 6 weeks.

smallerresize yard

So Rick is in Arlington, getting the house market-ready, and I’m here making snacks to keep the crew happy. I have been busy, not a total slouch. I’ve emptied the garage, hosed it down, took a load to the dump, fixed the broken sprinkler heads, dug up a couple dead cactusy-looking things, treated the hot tub, put 5 coats of polyurethane on two different sewing tables, built a rack to store thread like the one I saw on Jamie Wallen’s video, moved the whole daggum fire pit because they’re planning to dump dirt on it, spliced in 100 ft of irrigation tubing so I could move it away from all the construction, peeled and froze a ton of roasted green chili for the year, did all the fall fertilizing, and, on the easier side…I hand stitched 4 bindings. I now have zero works in progress – a first. As soon as I figure a way to hang them for some photos, I will post them.

Thanks for reading this!


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