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A look back at my creations and news for 2014!

Quilters love to shop fabric, and love to sew a top together. Taking pictures of the finished quilt top before it's quilted and binded is so fun.  We can't wait to share the photos w/ friends and family and fellow quilters and Pinterest and Instagram and Flickr and Blogs and Lord knows what else. But then, there's the other side of quilting: cutting the batting, possibly piecing the batting when you become suffocated by the dozens of batting scraps from previous quilts that fall out of the closet when you open the door, measuring and piecing the backing fabric, buying the right thread, ironing the top, ironing the back, QUILTING THE QUILT (*I DO consider that to be in the 'fun' column), stitching the binding onto the front and handsewing it (or not) onto the back.  I personally categorize these tasks as necessary chores, a means to a glorious end. 

There's a mad rush at the end of the year to actually complete one's unfinished projects before the New Year.  I did manage that in 2013.  But here lately, although it is only Feb 7, I find my head spinning off in all different directions when I walk into my sewing room, not knowing where to begin. I decided to create a little chart to help me organize, and was stunned to see that I've got 16 freakin' things going on - none finished!!


So, my goal for this week is to start chomping away at this list!  And guess's not so fun.  To make it worse, I am not able to use my longarm right now, and probably won't be for the next few weeks.  grrrrrrrr......... Let's not go there.

So I've knocked off my pillows....


And, I dragged out my trusty Singer (that my husband gave me in 1983) to piece all the battings together.... 

singer sewing machine

I've got all my bindings ready... 

DSC 0001

I've got my backs cut and battings pieced...

DSC 0003

and the beat goes on...

Quilt On!


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