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A look back at my creations and news for 2014!

July started out with the quilt show at the Stables Gallery in Taos.  I dragged a bunch of quilts up to Taos, and luckily there was plenty of room to hang them all.  Of the 5 I hung, 3 were for sale.  Naturally, I only had inquiries to buy the other two.  Donna's Winter Peace and my Marcelle Medallion - not for sale.

IMG 0312

IMG 0303

IMG 0308

IMG 0294

I recently bought a Juki HGL Z210, since my other Juki is just a straight stitch. This allowed me to try making the fabric baskets.  Which I loved....Even the very first one was so cool.  I stuck a price on it and put it on a table at the quilt show, and it was gone in 30 minutes.  I barely had time to enjoy it.  Since then, I whipped out a few more.  



fabric basket2

So now I've got several quilts in the barrell, so to speak.   I've got this Jelly Roll quilt, using a roll I bought two years ago.  It's in the quilting que.

IMG 0440

There's this little pretty, also waiting to be quilted....

IMG 0441

I still have the Midnight Run to quilt.  I patiently waited a long time to get the right backing for this quilt.  I wanted some of Terrie Mangat's fabric that is out of print.  I was fortunate to spend a few hours with her at the quilt show, and I managed to purchase some of her stash at home.  Oh my goodness, I loooooove it.  I love her!  The talent just oozes out of her.   This quilt will be next on my machine as soon as I finish the customer quilt on there now.

terries fabric

I've got 4 other quilts up in Taos ready to be hung in the Taos County Fair in August.   Again with the Winter Peace and Marcelle Medallion, plus Taos Magic (which is a larger version of the Marcelle Medallion) and Wayne's All In A Day's Work.  That'll be fun.  This will be my first time to see this fair.  

MM closeup2

DSC 0045

I'll be teaching a class on the Piecelique technique, a brainchild of Sharon Schamber,  here in Arlington, and again at a retreat in Colorado with the Taos Quilting Guild.  So I put this together this week as a sample, a 26x26 mini, plus another 12" block-soon-to-be-potholder.

piecelique mini


And now I've started yet a 4th quilt, for a wedding gift.  Another 'everything but the kitchen sink no plan whatsoever quilt' - always my favorite. This is all I've got so far.  

IMG 0444

So this is what happens when I post something only once a's soooo long.  I'll be back after all these things are quilted!

Thanks for reading this thing....Barb.


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