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A look back at my creations and news for 2014!

So ever since I got my new longarm, I haven't blogged a bit.  I keep making quilts that are intended as gifts, so I can't really post anything about my work.  Including a quilt that started as a gift, but now I have to keep it cuz I like it too much.   But that one has been abandoned for now while I start it's replacement.  

IMG 0017

This is one quilt that has been received, so I can blog it here.  It's a baby quilt.  This pattern came from a website, and in the process of quilting it, I ran into 2 measurement errors in the instructions.  I think there may have been more, because it came out pretty poor, as far as techicalities go. No close ups. It's still really pretty, though.  




We are back in Taos for 2 1/2 weeks. Spring is doing its' best to break through, although we had snow on day 2. 

IMG 0079

We've had another contractor out here to come up with an estimate to build a garage, studio, & storage room in this space. This large empty space that is just crying out to be used for quilting. We just need to find someone who will build it for less than a bazillion dollars. 

DSC 0009

DSC 0002

Erik drove all the way out here, for less than 48 hours, to draw a blueprint for us.  More than that, we love his design ideas - he's brilliant, really. 

IMG 0116



While here in Taos, I pulled a quilt top together for Elora,  Hannah's friend.  She likes bright colors, so I've piece together all the bright pieces in my stash.  The pretty backing is Michael Miller Waterfront Part Flight.  I used variegated thread and wavy line quilting. This type of random quilt isn't for everyone, so I'll give her the options of a different quilt if she'd prefer.  It's always a I ask what colors or pattern they would like, or go for the surprise.








I also finally got around to this wall hanging I've been wanting to do.  The inspiration for this came from a show of wool wall hangings in the Taos Town Hall.  I wish I'd taken the artists name, but it didn't occur to me at the time. 




And lastly during this stay, I thought I'd tackle the bottomless bucket(s) of scraps.  I cut strips to workable size, got rid of the uglies, ironed them all, and cut squares of various sizes for a bullseye quilt.  But, then I got lazy and ditched the idea of circles and cutting quarter blocks, and went w/ scrappy squares.  And again...the least planned project turns out to be one of my favorites!

IMG 0188

IMG 0198

A few more spring memories....

IMG 0129









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