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A look back at my creations and news for 2014!

Long time no post….posting is so labor intensive for me, it can be a bit discouraging.  But much has happened since October.  Rick retired 10/1. I’m still in Taos, supervising the longest construction project ever on the universe.  Rick is hanging back in TX till the house sells. But the ‘quiltudio’ is at least more than half done. It’s 75% sewing room, 25% storage room for us.

DSC 0030

DSC 0034

DSC 0024

In October, the Taos Guild went on a retreat to the stunning Liar’s Lodge, a B&B in Buena Vista, CO.  This is a lovely place, with great food, a perfect facility for quilting, views to die for, in a quaint little town (that even has a quilt shop!) I highly recommend it for any quilt retreat – up to about 12 people. There are more than 12 beds, but the sewing area would be crowded after 12.

IMG 0218

IMG 0240

IMG 0250

IMG 0255

IMG 0256

In the meantime….as I not-so-patiently wait for the day I can set my longarm up again, and I have room to work on a large project, I’m taking the opportunity to work on small projects that have been on the back burner. Coasters, fabric bowls, pouches, pincushions, a runner (thank you for the inspiration, Teaginny) pillows, and a quilt based on Up and Away, in the book Sunday Morning Quilts.


IMG 0398

DSC 0019

DSC 0024 1

DSC 0018

DSC 0015

IMG 0394

Taos has a few wonderful art co-ops.  One contains nothing but handmade crafts.  It’s a great opportunity for people like myself to try and sell a few of the pretty things we make.  I’m happy to have a little corner of my own in the back of the shop. 

IMG 0397

That catches me up to the present…yay!  Even better – I hear hammering!

Thanks for checking in~


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