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It would be fun to ask quilters to post a photo of their batting scraps, wouldn't it?  Hmm, maybe I'll do that.  For my last 4 quilts, I pieced batting scraps in effort to create some space in my closet.  Here's my method:

Before putting away a scrap that's just too big to toss, I put a sticky on it with size, and type of batting.  


After choosing the pieces that will meet my needs, I lay them out side by side, keeping the top edges even - not worrying about the bottom edges being even.  


Looking at the side edges, unless it's a selvage edge, neither edge is perfectly straight.  To even them up, I lay one on top of the other, making sure that along the entire length, there is at least 1/2' of overlap.  3/4" will give you a little more leeway if you can spare it.   At some points, you may have quite a bit more overlap, but there needs to be at least 1/2 " at all times. Keep this in mind as you are choosing your scraps - give yourself a couple spare inches in the width. 
Using scissors, I cut down the middle of the overlap.  I've seen this done w/ a 24" ruler & rotary cutter, but if my length is 70", I find scissors to be easier. 
 Pull out the thin pieces from both edges that you've created.  Really - throw them away.  Do not save them.  I  promise, you won't use them. 
Now as you lay them next to each other, they should be butting up nicely to each other.
Now for the machine.  You need a zig-zag stitch, wide.  On my machine, it's #4. The top shows stitch length, and the bottom - #4.
I set width of the zig-zag as wide as I can.  This is my 1983 Singer, so your settings will look a little different, I'm sure!
Place your two pieces side by side.  Since you kept the top edges even when they were on the floor, you can match them side by side now under your needle. I lengthen my stitch length to just shy of 3.  An open toe foot helps, so you can see that the seam passes directly under the middle of the foot. Just use your hands to butt them up against each other as they pass thru.
 Finished stitches...

I actually used a record 5 pieces for this quilt.  After I cut them and before I picked them up to stitch, I numbered them at the top.  (Past experience - if it can be messed up, I will mess it up).



All pieced, and looking flat!  

At this point, I center my quilt top on this batting and trim down to 3-4 inches on all 4 sides.  I've finished the quilting w/ this piece of batting and it was perfect.  (I was concerned a bit about the 5 pieces, but no worries!) 

Your turn - clean out that closet!  

Quilt on~


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