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A look back at my creations and news for 2014!

I thought this day would never come, but it looks like our move to New Mexico is finally around the corner.  Having bought a home in 2010, we are so excited to finally live here permanently.  Although, leaving Arlington after 28 years and dozens of friendships that I can't imagine not having near me....I tend to not think too long on that.  

But here I am, in Taos again, without Rick, again, who insists on banking all his vacation days.  I've weeded, and cut stuff back and dealt with the nasty internet problems, and bugs and cobwebs.  My quilting tasks for this trip involved piecing 3 quilt backs, preparing 3 bindings, and cutting 3 battings.   So after that, now what?  I can't start a new project till I quilt the 4 I have finished (which may NEVER happen if my HQ Avante doesn't stop being so difficult).  So I thought I'd use up some scraps and make a miniquilt.  

DSC 00031

So unplanned, and I love it.  It's 8" x 18".  The inspiration for this is 100% Laure Warren, who made something similar a few years ago.  Thanks, Laure!  


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