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This is the first Marcelle Medallion (Alexia Abegg Liberty Love) quilt that I did.  Inspired by Carrie Strine, who does the most beautiful handquilting I've seen, I went ahead and hand quilted this.  Just so I could say, "Oh yeah, I've handquilted before....".   I won't do it again, though. Not a big one anyway.  Takes too long for me.  I started it last July, but I guess I'll have to call this my first finish of 2014.  January 4th, to be exact, thanks to 2 long plane rides and 2 rainy days in Cozumel, Mexico.

I love two things about this quilt. One is that Marcelle's Daughter was spawned from the scraps, the other is that five $1.00 shirts added something very cool to both of them. I look forward to using more vintage/used fabrics.

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