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A look back at my creations and news for 2014!

What started out as a lap size wedding gift has become a full king size keeper.

midnight run 2

Going with the wild and crazy colors, this is the second quilt I've made using a pattern in Sandi Cumming's book, Thinking Outside the Block.  (Here's the first one. Not quite the same...)


This quilt (the bigger one) has made me come to terms with the need for a larger design wall.  Spreading the blocks out on the floor with something this big just doesn't give you the right view.  After it was all put together and hung up straight, I can see the bad distribution of the solid black blocks.  In fact, I don't think I even LIKE the solid black blocks.  The movement is wrong.  

So I will resort to the least favorite part of quilting...unpicking. Ugh.  

Catch ya when I finish...

In the meantime, I'm quilting this antique top.  It's a hand pieced top, made by a co-worker's grandmother.  The size is pecuiiar....54 x 101.  Must've been made for one tall drink of water. 


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