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A look back at my creations and news for 2014!

I recently joined the Quilt Guild of Arlington, TX as they were preparing for the annual show.  I went ahead and submitted the maximum 4 quilts, but when they put out an email saying they needed more, I added another 3.  It was my first time to enter a show, and I realize now how embarrassing dumb I am about shows.  It takes so much work!! Photos, entry forms, sleeves, labels for the quilt, labels for the pillow cases...yikes.  I was so excited to get one envelope per quilt with critiques on each!  When I was creating these things, had I known they would be critiqued, I would have been more precise!! Had I known that there are actually winners, I might have entertained the thought that maybe I'd come in third with at least one of these things.  As it turned out, I won first place and two honorable mentions.  I was stupified and hot.  Just my friend,  Barb, and I standing at the quilt trying to comprehend that blue ribbon.  I actually said, "What does this mean?"  I showed up at the end to take down quilts, and - yikes, another ignorance induced surprise...there is a little ceremony at the end!  And I got a gift!!  Good grief.  Oh well.  My 15 minutes of fame (more like 5) all over already.  I'll probably never get another ribbon as long as I live.  But if was a bit of a thrill, no doubt about it.


A better shot, without me in it. I used the scraps to make the quilt on the right.


It was also the first time to see my name listed as the quilter on another person's quilt!  So cool.


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