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Not only is it finished, we use it every night.

Thank goodness the weather is cool enough to be of some use instead of killing us with 100 degree summer nights.  I started this just before Labor Day, and finished over Thanksgiving break.  I worked on other things at times, but this is the one the caused sleep deprivation. I quilted it on my Gammill, one border at a a time, taking it off and rotating it after the top and bottom were complete.

IMG 2957

IMG 2977

IMG 2979

IMG 2981

IMG 2983

IMG 2984

When it came down to stitching the center medallion, I just stared at it for a very long time, waiting.  My friend was in the room, doing her own sewing thing, and at one point had to ask if I was alright. I was so afraid of ruining it.

But I find that if I wait long enough, something will shout out.  I'd saved the center for last, so I was getting desperate for some frickin' inspiration. RULERS.  That was it.  I made curves everywhere.  I did change thread, matching the fabric to minimize blunders. 

IMG 2973

IMG 2974

IMG 2975

In the end, I decided I didn't want to hand stitch the binding on this thing, and opted for the machine basting.  

IMG 29671

I love it!

IMG 2965

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