Juniper Quilts Gallery 2015
Please enjoy this trip back through time with Juniper Quilts for 2015!

The Yosemite Quilt, for my in-laws, who live just south of there.

DSC 0016 e1434033666464

The Wedding Quilt, for my daughter & son-in-law

DSC 0002 e1434032447240

The Montana Quilt

DSC 0026 e1430754683347

The Ombre Quilt

DSC 0088 e1440901043934

IMG 0203 e1440900970749

Two Memorial Quilt for Jenny’s kids

IMG 0246 e1440903245391

 IMG 0017

A Southwest Quilt for Rick…because he felt left out.

DSC 0081 e1440909971710

Taos Sunset

IMG 0618

Two Quilts for cousin Dan & his girlfriend

DSC 0161 e1440901073880

David’s Quilt (such an original name). This was for my nephew, who loves quilts more that any 16 year old I’ve ever met.

IMG 0448

Christie’s Baby Quilt (I sort of forgot to take a finished shot…)

Christys quilt

Feathered Moss blogged here

IMG 0730

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