Juniper Quilts Gallery 2014
Please enjoy this trip back through time with Juniper Quilts for 2014!

The first Marcelle Medallion, finished after the second MM. Story here.

IMG 3131

A cute little 20 x 20 cushion



A second cushion, 16x16. Trying to nail that invisible zipper down. Should have it by next time!

DSC 0004

 DSC 0002

A Wonky Log Cabin


 A quilted modern mini, 17x15.5

Beam Me Up Minii

A 70+ year old quilt top that I was given, and quilted on my longarm. So cool....


4 zippered pillows. Know anyone whose names start with A or H and need a pillow?

HA pillows

HA pillows2

Desert Peace, a quilt for Erik. Posted here.

Desert Peace

Desert Peace back

These next three were done for a soon to be author who needed testers for her Curves Quilts.

Schulze Apples

Cotton Candy


That's enough of the curves. I only posted those three to be true to "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly."

For Bree


A Southwest Miniquilt, 24x36


Elora & Trent's Non-traditional wedding quilt



A Craftsy Mystery quilt using Kaffe Fassett fabrics, front, then back, which I like better than the front.

IMG 3315

IMG 33081

My Square Bullseye Quilt, using scraps and top stitching. I posted this one here.


A quilt for my brother, Wayne. The blog is here.

DSC 0045

Sedona, a mini quilt, posted here.

DSC 00031

A quilt for Shanna

DSC 0054

Midnight Run. Posted here.

Midnight Run1

The House on Hill. I love this quilt. Total Improv, lots of experimenting. Blog is here.

The House On a Hill1

A simple Jelly Roll quilt

IMG 0440

Fabric Baskets

Yellow Grey 2

White Turquoise

Taos Magic 

fabric basket2 


DSC 00241

DSC 0019

DSC 0018

DSC 0015

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