I'm Debbie Schulze, a longarm quilter in Taos, NM. I own an Innova Longarm, without computerization. All my work is free hand.  To see my work, click on my flickr photos

Please allow an extra 6" on all  4 sides, whether you use a wide back fabric or piece your backing.   It's best to cut off those selvages on your backing. There are plenty of great tutorials on how to make a nice backing.  

With regard to borders on your quilt top, if they are not fitted properly, you will end up with 'wavy' borders. Quilting wavy borders often results in unwanted pleats.  To do this correctly, you can check out this tutorial:   Quilts by Jen

A couple other reminders: trim all your threads on both sides of the quilt top. Those underneath threads, if left untrimmed, will show through light fabrics.  So sad! Also, press your quilt top, even if it is being mailed. It really helps!


My quilting fees start at $.025 per sq. in. for an edge to edge design. 

Semi Custom work, more than one design, is $.03 - $.035 per sq. in.

Custom quilting, which includes stitch in the ditch, border design, sashing work, a composition of a variety of complimentary designs throughout the quilt, is $.04 - $.045 per sq. in.

Heirloom quilting, extensive micro-stitching, cross hatching, tight work in large negative spaces is $.050 and up per sq. in.

Return postage is on me.

I can be reached at 817-253-2353, or email juniperquilts@gmail.com. 

Thanks for the look~