Winding Things Up in Texas

Winding Things Up in Texas

In 2010, we bought a home with the intent to retire there in January 2015.  




















Well, the stars have deemed fit to align themselves in such a way that Rick will retire on September 30th, instead!  So the rush is on.  Packing up our home after 26 years in one place.  For me, I'm on a mission to quilt all the tops hanging around here, as well as the two customer quilts I have left.  The whole cloth I want to attempt...that's just gonna have to wait for the new digs.  

At the end of this month, I will be in Taos, sort of hanging out watching our stellar crew build my very own studio.   Right here in this big space.





















Holy cow, am I excited.  And oh, so, fortunate. I'll have plenty of time to bind these quilts that I've recently finished.

A scrappy half square triangle quilt



















A Jelly Roll Quilt.  I tried a little geometric action on this one.









My crazy Midnight Run quilt - my first time to use a design board.  It came out awesome, if I do say so.  I love this thing.







This was a customer quilt, beautifully pieced.  She knew exactly how she wanted it quilted!  It was fun.























So two more to go, then I put on my Superwoman Cape and break down my longarm, prepare it for the long haul to New Mexico.  Man, I hope that goes well...what are the odds?  Probably not great. 

For now, back to packing and squeezing in quilting breaks.

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