Experimenting with curves….not for me.

Experimenting with curves….not for me.

As experiments, this one was a bit of a let down.  As a tester for an author, I made three quilts based on her instructions, which were generously liberal.  I did learn to sew with curves for sure.  It wasn't a waste of time...it would've been nicer if any were chosen for her book.  But honestly, none of them impress me very much.  

Schulze Apples 























This one I will keep.  It think it would look nice hanging in an office somewhere.  It's 34x36.




Cotton Candy 






















 This is my least favorite...agh!  I shouldn't even post it. 42x43



























And the third...well, it's not horrible.  49x65  But it will definetly be donated, along w/ that pink thing.  Haphazd curves are tough.  I'm just not creative enough to make them work. 



Moving on.....


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