Vacation…no machine…how to cope.

Vacation…no machine…how to cope.

I’ve spent the past week away from home, away from my machine.  It seemed like a nice break at the time.  But I’m over that and anxious to get home and start in on finishing all my projects.  The worst part was that even though I live in N. Texas, I was not able to attend the Houston Quilt Fest.  A travesty….

I have two Marcelle Medallions in the unfinished pile.   During the week, I did force myself to sit down and figure out exactly HOW I am ever going to quilt that BAQ (I don’t want to use harsh language, so I’ll let you try to figure out the acronym.  Here’s a hint: it’s 98×98).  It will be interesting to see how much the finished project looks like the plan on paper!


















MM closeup2






















The other Marcelle has been with me all week…handquilting…forever…There is definite progress though.  I only have 3 borders left.  Of course, each border is longer than the last and consumes more and more time.



















That pesky whale is such a ham!  He manages to sneek into every photo-op.


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