The Other Side of Winter

The Other Side of Winter

Finally, the wind is calm, the temp is above 60, the buds are appearing – so beautiful. 

I currently have so many irons in the studio fire, there aren’t many finishes to share. But in a month, I hope to have 4 awesome quilts finished. Still trying to get my old longarm sold so I can use the new one I bought that’s been sitting in ABQ since JANUARY!! There are a couple interested parties at the moment…but I’ve learned not to get too excited at this point in negotiations. 

As for more fun things!

This is Roz.  I’ve signed up for a class on making faces with Freddy Moran and Jean Impey.  These are so pleasurable to make.  Just no rules…use any fabric…quick.  I’m looking forward to learning some tricks of the trade instead of guessing at the best process.

A few wallhangings for the gallery here in Taos.

I made this the week of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearings (yes…I am slightly addicted to hearings).  I was inspired to name this Persevere.


Just something different. Simple.   Daybreak


When the bag of selvages starts to overflow, something must be done.   Keep Hoping



This double wedding quilt was an eye opener. I used a pattern from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s book.  I did not realize how much piecing goes into one of these! This one is 102″ x 115″.  All scraps.  Someone who saw this photo told me I was so creative to put that funky bottom left corner in there. Well, it was not planned, and I could’ve gone the rest of my days without knowing about it. But… it is what it is.  The term ‘humility block’ comes to mind.

Two Grey Hills was a commissioned quilt. I designed the entire pattern. Credit to all those pattern writers.  What a job. The customer did not want a border on the top. Fits better on her bed that way.



I’m really happy about this piece, A Silent View. It’s been chosen to be used on one of the banners that hang in Taos spring through fall. I can’t wait to see it out there!

Well that was more than I thought I had.  Benefits of only writing every 4 months! 

These two babes will be turning 2 and 5 next month.  I can’t wait for the party!


Millie Rose & Ruby Lou 

Thanks for checking in!


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