Fall is happening in Taos, and I’m just getting around to doing something with all my pics related to the Studio Tour, which took place over Labor Day.  I skipped last year, so I had a lot of work to share with people. It was a great weekend, with lots of people out and about taking in the local art.  A lot of my pieces left the premises, on their way to spread joy in other homes. It was bitter sweet, but at some point, one has to share the love! Since then, I’ve been catching up with customer quilts, (seen here) and starting anew with my own creations.

So here is a plethora of photos from that weekend. My husband and I hang the quilts outside each morning and take them down each night. This is the first time (of the 3 occasions that I participated) that the wind was not our enemy!




Moving on into the studio…..

And now you’ve been to a small sliver of the Taos Studio Tour!  You can see the work of the other artists at Taos Artist Organization.

As always…a glimpse of my little loves….

Thanks for checking in!


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