SIDE NOTE: It’s December 17, 2020.  I’m working on a new post – the first since August. And I come across this other post that I wrote…who knows when….and never posted.  Covid brain is very real. So was probably written in September:

I’ve had my fill of appliqué for a while. This is another raven, using the pattern called Raven Magic, by BJ Designs & Patterns.  My neighbor asked me to quilt his, then I had to make one (see previous post if you want to).  I thought another one, with a larger background, was in order. So here is the thought process…..



My raven on the aforementioned larger background:


My vision, using the Procreate app (this is where I really wish I could draw):


Andddd…how it turned out:

Pretty close.  51″ x 41″.  I believe the bottom half could have more detail, but I didn’t trust myself to not ruin it.  “Stop While You’re Ahead”, Less Is More”, and all that stuff. My version: ” Don’t F*** It Up”.

A few detail shots:

These ravens have been great skill builders. Always learn some new tricks.

Thanks for checking in!


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