Mid pandemic (although I do think ‘mid’ is generous. Probably more like one third into a pandemic…), is not an ideal time to become a paying member of local art gallery, but that’s what I’ve gone and done. Las Comadres is located in the John Dunn Shops, and has re-opened with Covid guidelines.  Taos is a tourist town. The lack of tourists this summer has had devastating effects on each and every business, and thus the town. It’s so surreal.  Fortunately, there’s been just enough traffic to keep the gallery doors open, and we are grateful.

It’s a small space, no room for big quilts.  So I’ve turned my focus away from big quilts to wall hangings and a few travel friendly items, like key rings and yoga bags and caddys to control your remote controls. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to do work on small projects. Time wise, the rate of return is great!  And there are always customer quilts in the que to be done as well.  (Photos of these are always on my Flickr link )

My neighbor, David, created a pretty piece using a pattern by BJDesigns & Patterns,  and I got to quilt it! I really liked the raven, so I made one myself.


This is David’s:

So different, but both pretty (IMHO).  I liked his larger background, better for scale. So I’m actually in the middle of my second raven….next post!

I do love color and lots of it. So I tried to create something that still has my favorite colors, but less of them and more off white.

I do love this. After it was finished, I struggled with which end was up.  The photo shows the way it was created, but if you turn it upside down, that looks pretty cool, too!

The next one is a small piece – about 12 x 17.  I saw a photo on instagram and loved the rich color, and the lines, and the dimensions. So I tried to make something like it! 


My rendition:

All so interesting.  When I saw the first picture, I had no idea it was actually huge! I’m a totally idiot when it comes to using the EQ7 software program.  But I do use it for the MOST basic applications. I was able to come up with templates for this design using the program.  I’m sure it took 4 times longer than a smarter person could do it.  I’m talking to you, Jenn H. 

The last one was also inspired by an artist on Instagram, Arianna Caggiano. quiltqueenstudio is her IG name.  I love everything she makes.  This piece is 20″ x 24″.

Here are a few shots inside the co-op gallery.  This is the work of 8 women, all Taos locals.

That wraps it up! Couple more weeks till I get to see my grandgirls!!  

VOTE EARLY.  Send it back as soon as you get it. Don’t wait. 

Thanks for checking in!




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