I’ve started the year by taking advantage of the fact that I have zero customer quilts in my que!!  I love my side gig, but I love the rare breaks when they come.

A couple panels that I purchased in Paducah…

The Dream Big panel by Hoffman.  How fun was that. I already want to do the reddish-burgundy one.  Here are a few shots that definitely put me into the dreaded overkill category, but it’s my website…


I guess that’s enough.  The other panel was a silk batik panel, 21″ x 22″.

This was my planning phase, using clear plexiglass and a dry erase marker:

Then I tried a braiding technique that I learned from my quilty friend, Laure, on the east coast, and added a handprinted bunny that was a gift from a teacher – Pam Holland.

Lastly, I finished this Siddi quilt.  This was the class I took with Pam Holland.  No machine sewing, nor piecing really.  The pieces are added one at a time as you hand quilt.

So all these will hang in a show at the Trading Post restaurant, here in Taos for the next 3 or 4 months.  If you’re in Taos, stop in!  They like it if you eat there, but it’s not a requirement to just look at all the quilts our guild will hang there.

Thanks for checking in!

I miss my Ruby Lou soooo much.  



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