Big Fat Ooops…..

I'm writing this post in response to the linksy that Gemma at Pretty Bobbins initiated.

This is all new to me:  blogs, linkys, Instagram; even my longarm still feels like an alien.  But, since I've put out about 10 quilts on my longarm,  I SHOULD know by now how to load a quilt onto my Gammill.  Right?  Actually, I do know how.  But, I share this experience in an effort to make everyone feel comfortable sharing not just the fabulous things they've done, but the really, remarkably nonsensical and half witted blunders as well.  (always thinking of others...)  It's how we learn, we've all done it, it'll happen again  (although I really, really, really hope not), and there's no shame here in Quilter's World, right?  It's allll about the process....

I have a rectangular quilt, about 48x62 ready to be quilted. Last week, I was half way through when I realized I'd made a terrible error.  I was tired, and sad, and I attributed the mess I was looking at to not measuring correctly.  And to the dumb idea of putting a 3" border on the BACK of the quilt.  What??  How can you load that precisely??  Not very well, I'll tell ya.  I went home frustrated, and the next day decided to go ahead and finish quilting it - no going back.  (That was wrong thinking.)  I took it off the Gammill, and didn't even look at it - I purposely wadded it up into a ball till my son could look at it with me.  He's much more spatially oriented than I.  And smarter.  And more talented.  Whatever.

Turns out, I had not measured incorrectly.  Rather, I had loaded the top perpendicular to the back. Yup. And didn't figure it out.  So I paid my son 50 bucks to unquilt the whole dang thing. Yup.  And he did it, and I do believe it's salvageable!!  Here's the poor fella, suffering with a pricked finger already.





























 So, share away...don't hold back!  Thanks, Gemma.

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