Disclaimer: This isn’t my quilt, and I don’t know its’ name.  That said, I’m calling it Fido.

I’ve come to love this quilt despite my initial reaction – “This thing is not laying flat and why, in the name of God, has it landed in my studio.”  But it is a really cool quilt.  This woman had no pattern. She just started building this awesome dog.  And, in her words, she’s not a quilt maker. I originally offered (and she accepted) to ‘square it off a bit’.  But with time, I came to appreciate the asymmetry of its’ shape.  It reminds me of a Gees Bend quilt in that way.

My first step was to nail down the turquoise background. And right after that, I had a problem.

I took the suggestion of an IG follower, and opened up a seam to insert a 2nd layer of batting.

This, I am certain, goes against the Constitution of the United Quilters.  Nonetheless, I proceeded. AND I like beer…

I cut a fitted piece of batting and, using my husband’s reacher, managed to get it all the way to the butt end of the dog. I also put a piece in the front thigh.  I DRINK BEER

Next, I used a slip stitch to fix that seam I opened up.  Of course it wasn’t as neat as the original seam, but you’d be hard pressed to find it now that I’ve quilted it. SOMETIMES I DRINK TOO MUCH BEER

Having finished this major operation, two things were obvious – see below.  1) It helped, and 2) it didn’t help enough.  I would do it again though, because every little bit helped here.  I EMBRACE BEER

And then I just leaped in.  I STILL DRINK BEER

Once Fido was stable, the rest was fun!

I used three different shades of thread in the red section.  Hard to tell, even in person.  Red is like that….  I STILL DRINK BEER

And that’s it for Fido!! Good dog….!

Thanks for checking in!


PS: I hate beer. Vote in November.



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