I’ve taken about 6 weeks off from customer quilts so I can get caught up on my own.  The Taos Artists Organization is hosting the Taos Studio Arts Tour over Labor Weekend.  I decided to throw my hat in, therefore the pressure is on to finish up loose ends.

This is a quilt is rare (for me) in that I started it many months ago, then put it aside and didn’t finish it.  I didn’t have the right fabrics to finish. I wanted to use the rulers I purchased from Victoria Findlay Wolfe, so I created the center medallion using those, along with some Alison Glass fabrics, and some solids.


Eventually, I came up with a simple plan, adding some squares, half square triangles and rectangles. 

There was enough negative space to allow some room to play on the longarm, so that was fun….


Delete saturation…just for fun!

I’m almost caught up with posting my quilts!  Almost….

Thanks for looking!


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