Frida Unplugged

Frida Unplugged

Next up on the never-ending List of Quilts I Want To Make was the One Block Wonder.  I think it also falls into the ‘Stack ‘n Whack’ category.  This is where you select a fabric that has close to a 24″ repeat pattern, get 6 repeats, stack them up on top of each other, cut them up into piles of rectangles, make hexagons out of the triangles, and sew the hexagons together. Sounds complicated, but it’s just a matter of following the steps. 

I picked Alexander Henry’s Frida’s Garden fabric for this.  

Once you get the triangles cut, the fun part is arranging each set into a hexagon.  There are 3 choices per set, so it’s pretty cool to see how they can be arranged.  If someone else chose this same fabric (and they have), the quilts would look nothing alike.



No two hexagons are alike, and the options just go on and on! The guild liked it enough that we have two classes coming up soon where I will lead them through all the steps.  Fabric shopping is very exciting.  Really!

Just straight lines for the quilting on this one.  Kept it simple. 

Seven days till I squeeze Ruby Lou!

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  1. Allee Moulder says:

    I did the blue background version of this fabric in “One Block Wonder”
    I loved it too.

  2. Cecilia Martin says:

    I LOVE this quilt!!! If I lived close I’d definitely sign up! I hope you put up a few more pics of the process because I want to make one too!!!

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