We Didn’t Start The Fire

We Didn’t Start The Fire

My most recent piece was inspired by the LA Fires.  My family lives in Westwood, an LA neighborhood near UCLA, so they were very much on my mind.  Several years back, I bought some wild fabric at the Houston show, called Sumi-e, by Karen Kurka Jensen. I went in for the entire line, and that poor fabric has been languishing in my stash ever since. I just could not come up with a good way to use it all.  Until the fires.  I love this quilt.  It will NOT be in my Etsy Shop. Lots of photos because A: I love this quilt and B: I was trying out my son-in-law’s new camera. 



Still into using older, unwanted fabrics to piece the backs.

And just because she’s adorable….

Ruby Lou


Thanks for checking it out!




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