Christmas Time!

Christmas Time!

 This little punkin’ is a whopping (almost) 7 months old already.  Sitting, teething, becoming her own little person.

We are so so lucky that we get to see her & mom & dad this Christmas in Taos.

But back to the quilting and sewing world….Knowing I would not be traveling for a full 2 months, I’ve been more than a little productive.  I’m committed to cutting/piecing/quilting/binding all the projects that I’ve purchased at quilt shows and quilt shops over the past 5 years, and then ignored.  It’s a long list, but I’m knocking them out.  Who knows what will become of them, but they are done!  And they’re just as cute as I thought they would be.  That’s  why I bought them!  Surely, they are destined for my Etsy shop.

For our Texas friends who alway are so gracious to put up with us when we come to town, I made this cross quilt.


The wonderfully talented Nicole Dunn from Los Alamos, NM taught another class with our guild recently, on wedges.  I made two quilts out of that class.  One, SLYTHERIN, is a stretch when you think of wedges…they took on a rather unconventional shape:

She is cute, isn’t she?

The second wedge quilt is more obvious :


Originally, I had 4″ red borders on it, but felt that really detracted from the quilt, so I took them off.  Hence the name, ‘Wedges Without Borders’.

The back….

I had every intention of keeping in line with that borderless theory by not using a traditional binding, and instead using a ‘facing binding’.  BUT I neglected to review that technique BEFORE I trimmed the backing and batting.  Without leaving any excess backing and batting, you can’t do the facing business. So I made the skinniest black binding I possibly could.

I had 2 little stacks of 6″ x 6″ squares, one with turtles, the other with giraffes.  The squares have been pinned to my design wall for YEARS, as if they would become something functional just by being there.  And to think they each took only a few hours to complete, it’s pretty stupid to have ignored them that long.  One is a wall hanging, Jungle Play, and the other a table runner, Turtle Trot.



This year, I made 3 quilts using 2.5″ postage stamps (2″ finished).  I made a bright one for my son-in-law’s mom,


This one for me,


and most recently, I used fabrics that looked vintage, but weren’t actually all that old. I hand quilted this one, since I was going for a vintage feel.


prepare to be overloaded…..I like this one.

The back…

The ridiculousness of my fabric hoarding has led me to the process of piecing all (almost all) of my backs with fabric that I have had far too long, and will probably never want to use in a quilt top.  It’s an awful lot of work to do this, sometimes a whole day. But my stash gets a trim, and I really love the look of these backings.

I actually have a few other recent finishes.  But even I am tired of looking at these.  Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy 2018!







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  1. Kathy Martin says:

    Deb!! Each and every project is amazing! I walked around with my phone to show the office girls and they were as impressed as I am

  2. Barbara says:

    Good Grief !! This is amazing! All just wonderful!

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