Careful what you wish for…..

Careful what you wish for…..

I bought my Handiquilter in 2014 so I could quilt my own pieced tops, and with the hope of having a bustling small business quilting for customers.  I employed the usual PR tactics: FB, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, active in guild, showing my quilts, website, business cards all over the DFW metroplex, and discount off 1st quilt.  It was slow going for 6 months, then we moved to New Mexico, where it got much slower. The 1st year, I typically had about one customer quilt per month.  I’d read about longarmers with an 8 month backup, and think….whaaattt??  In my dreams. The DFW metroplex has a population of  6.6 million.  Taos has 6,000.  Do the math.

So I happily adjusted my expectations.  I love it here. Customers or not.  I work part time in the brilliant quilt shop on the plaza, I’m the prez of the guild, I have a beautiful studio and I can quilt to my heart’s content.  But lately, very subtly, my business has kicked into high gear.  Do I have an 8 month wait list? No. But I have a 1 month wait list.  And I work on customer quilts nearly every free moment I have.  I haven’t been able to make my own quilt(s) for 6 weeks. But that is in my control.  Maybe that’s where the 8 months come in!  Longarmers spacing their work out.  Hmmm.

In any regard, I love quilting. And here are some of the customer quilts I’ve been privileged to work on.

This pattern, pieced by Joella, is from Victoria Findley Wolfe’s book Double Wedding Ring Quilts.








This round lone star is one I pieced, actually, but didn’t post it until I gave it to my niece Jillian and her new husband. Looks like I never took a shot with the binding on!





Simple baby quilt. Actually, I made this one, too. But it was a commission.  Simple…used one piece of fabric and added a border.


This, for a woman in her 80’s who just started quilting. She’s amazing.





A friend purchased a torn antique quilt at a thrift shop, restored it beautifully.



This gorgeous thing was pieced by my friend, Sue. We took a class with Victoria Findley Wolfe on Improv Lemoyne Stars.





These next three were very cool to work on.  This gal JUST started quilting.  The one with the  HoffmanSkyline fabric, she made the pattern up herself.








This next one belongs to my co-worker… She said the magic words…”Do whatever you want.”






And that is it, except for the one I’ll finish in about 20 minutes.  But enough for now.  

Thanks for looking!






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  1. XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  2. EW says:

    Gorgeous stuff!! Glad they found you!

  3. Martie says:

    Beautiful quilts, beautiful quilting!

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