Summer 2015…Busy!

Summer 2015…Busy!

I currently have no unfinished projects. Yey! But I’ve been working really hard at getting here. My next project will be large, and has many feathered stars in its’ future.  It’s been marinating for over a year.  But I had to take care of a few other projects first.

These are two Memorial Quilts.  My friend’s dad passed away. She & her mom asked me to use his shirts to make 2 quilts for my friend’s two adult kids.  I put off cutting into them because I knew that 7 shirts would to be enough for the 2 quilt patterns my friend chose.  I was very wrong.


























































































Next up, I felt compelled to make a Quilt of Valor for my cousin, Dan, retired US Army. And once I started that, I remembered the love of his life is also a veteran of the Air Force.  I couldn’t make just one…, of course. So I made them each one.

Dan’s on the right, Amy’s on the left.






















































































In between quilting these up on my longarm, I came up with a pattern that utilizes the ombre fabric I bought 2 years ago.  That was kinda hard.  It’s bright!  This is destined for my Etsy shop.








































































































After all that, I felt like doing something simple.  I cut a rectangle out of some Alexander Henry fabric, bordered it, microstitched the heck out of it, and voila…really cute wall hanging!










































A summer highlight was winning Best of Show at the Taos County Fair.  It was an honor of course, but it’s really just one woman’s opinion, and any one of a dozen quilts looked great enough to win in my eyes. Really.  Trust me, I’m not that humble





















I quilted several customer quilts this summer as well.  That stuff can be seen here.  Thanks for checking in. That feathered star thing is gonna take months, I fear.  But it’s been a while since I took on a beast.  I’ll sporadically be working on smaller, Christmassy things.

Till then…take care!









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  1. Martie says:

    Great quilts. I really love the ombre quilt and its back. Congratulations on your county fair award! I’m certain you deserve it.

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