The Waiting is Almost Over

The Waiting is Almost Over

By tonight, I will finally be able to start unpacking all boxes quilt related.  The Quiltudio is done! Almost.  Still some exterior stucco-ing to do, but that’ll have to wait for warmer weather.  The sink counter is on back order, but I can quilt without a sink.   Even better, our house in TX has sold and will close in a month. By then, I can move all my ‘crap’ outta the kitchen and living room and there will be room for Rick.  Just in time!

The last of my small projects listed below…..

Some seat cushions for our kitchen benches.  The bootie starts to hurt after sitting on these hard benches a while!





















A couple 214 tote bags, from Noodlehead’s pattern.  I have these in the Taos Co-op.





















A bag for my (awesome) Lululemon yoga mat that Hannah & Adam gave me for Christmas.


yoga mat bag 2






















Then I took a stab at The Necessary Clutch, a pattern from Emmaline Bags.  This was a really cool thing to make.  The first one (not shown) was for practice, learning curve included. I switched from the toggle lock to a magnetic closure.  It’s just easier to put in and get right.  For me, anyway.







































And a whole bunch of jewelry, a throw back to pre-quilting days when I did a lot of beading.   I’ll just let you see them here on my Pinterest page or flickr page.

So here’s what the Quiltudio looks like now. 





































Stay tuned for the reveal….


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  1. Martie says:

    Yay! Looks great, all of it. I love the wall on the porch. Congratulations on the sale of your house in Texas, too. Looking forward to the reveal, M.

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