Juniper Quilts

Debbie Schulze


I’m a wife, mom, (retired) physical therapist, longarm quilter, and maker of quilts and lots of other stuff!  I have a lot of hobbies, each of which is my favorite.  I started quilting in 2012.  Pretty much self taught, with a lot of help from some talented friends.

 I own an Innova Longarm Machine and take customer requests where I quilt in Taos, NM.  I don’t have a computer on my machine, so all my work is freehand. My turnaround is usually 2-4 weeks.  I provide return shipping on any quilts that are sent to me. 

I love quilting and everything about it – fabric hunting, cutting, piecing, ripping, re-piecing, paper piecing, ironing, design walls, quilting, binding…it’s calming, exciting, expensive, frustrating, rewarding, and the ultimate lesson in patience.

I look forward to providing you with professional longarm quilting, making custom quilts, selling my quilts in my Etsy store,  sharing new skills, and meeting quilting pals.  I can be reached at juniperquilts@gmail.com, 817-253-2353, or visit my Etsy store.  I also have links to InstagramFlickr, and Pinterest – all found on the Home Page.

Thanks for checking out my website ~