Square Bullseye

Square Bullseye

Haunted by the evergrowing box of scraps I have placed out of sight in my sewing room, I decided to organize them.  Trim them, cut them down to usable, easily accessible sizes.   The whole time, I had to fight the thought,  "What a waste of time".   As I did this, I pulled scraps to make a Bullseye Quilt.  But I was so sick and tired of scraps.  I wanted to move on to something else.  I decided to try a similar idea, but less labor intensive, and just used squares and topstitching.  As it turned out, it's really a cute quilt!  Better that I expected. 

























I quilted it with these interlocking straight lines (also more labor intensive than I expected). 

square bullseye5



















 square bullseye4



















 square bullseye3


















 square bullseye2


















 Square Bullseye1












But I'm pleased and now that my scraps are in order, whenever I DO make that Bullseye, it should go pretty quick.


Quilt On!


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